Saturday, April 27, 2013

4/23–4/27/2013 Time is Going Too Fast

(Wilmington, DE)

This past week we have been putting the finishing touches on the house.  Pictures are once again hung, dishes are back in the china closet, several boxes have been filled and delivered to the local Thrift Store.

It’s been one heck of a lot of work but its beginning to look like home again.

Again this week we’ve gone out to dinner.  On Thursday we drove down to Dover to the Air Force Base so mom could get her prescriptions refilled.  On the way back mom, my friend Cindy and I stopped for dinner.  We feasted on a great salad bar, a brick oven pizza and for dessert Bananas Foster.  We stuffed ourselves but it was so good!

We shopped several times this week for small house things.   I've never shopped so much as I have these past weeks.

I’m going home with a lot more than I came for so I’ve had to ship three boxes home.  We won’t even talk about how much that cost.  Mom gave me my photo album of my first year and some things she no longer wanted but I did.  Where I’m going to put these things is beyond me but I just had to have them.

This week is flying by and I’m just hating this.  I don’t want to leave my mother alone.  When I leave here on Monday its going to hit her that my dad is gone.  We’ve kept so busy and had so much to do that she hasn’t had time to grieve.  Monday, she will and my heart just breaks thinking of her in the house by herself.

We had a chance to talk about this a little bit and she told me she’s glad this happened this time of year if it had to happen at all.  She loves working in the yard and will keep busy this summer doing that and going to the beach house.  If this had happened in say, October, it would be getting cold in Delaware and she would be in the house for the winter with all those short daylight days.

My brother will take me to the airport.  There’s no way I would put my mom through taking me and dropping me off.  She was relieved when I told her because it had been on her mind.

It is going to be so hard to walk out the door on Monday,  I simply dread it.


kristine barr said...

Having gone through this when my husband died, I can relate to your worries. I must admit I was more comfortable grieving alone--espcially the crying. However, she is right --the things she likes to do will continue to soothe her and gradually she will get over some of the grief. Don't forget most hospitals have group counseling for grief if you notice things aren't going well. btw you can use those group counseling things even if it didn't happen in the hospital you go to.

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