Thursday, November 27, 2014

11/22-11/27/2014 Big Birthday Party & Thanksgiving 2014

(Arizona City, AZ )

We had a big birthday for one our fellow residents, Jane S. on Sunday.  It was supposed to be a surprise but she found out.  I know that because she stood in front of line dancing class and invited everyone to her Surprise Birthday Party!

Birthday girl Jane….

When Quail Runners are invited to a party we show up!

Well over a hundred people, no, make that friends showed up.  Twenty pizzas were delivered, all kinds.  Everyone stayed until nearly dark and a good time was had by all.  Happy birthday Jane!

Thanksgiving time already.  I bought a turkey though we won’t be cooking it on Thursday.  We’ll have a neighborhood dinner in January or February when Bob will deep fry it.

I’ve been busy collecting “boxes” for the Christmas gifts I’ll be wrapping soon.  Last year I sent grandson Derek some Sonic gift cards and put them in an empty Dial soap box.  Hey, they fit!  They thought I had sent him some soap and all had a big laugh over it.  In their Christmas card I wrote a note and asked, “Who will get the soap box this year?”  So I’m wrapping something in an empty Progresso Bread Crumbs canister, a box that four sticks of butter came in.  a Stove Top box, a paper towel tube and plastic box that cherry tomatoes came in and a jar that beets came in.  Should be lots of laughs around the tree this year.

We had Thanksgiving dinner in the Carnaval Room this year with the many residents in the park.



I’m not a great fan of these holiday dinners.  Once we get back into our park model we’ll host dinners at our place.  There’s more and more of that going on here in Quail Run.

I’m going shopping Friday!  I know, I know, but the sales are just too good!


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