Monday, November 3, 2014

11/1-11/3/14 Day Trips

(Arizona City, AZ)

Most days this week Kenny & Sean soaked up the rays around lying around the pool.  They are loving it!

They did take off one day and go check out the Casa Grande Ruins.  Neither Bob nor I went with them because, quite frankly, we’ve been there & done that more than once.  When asked what he thought of it, Sean replied, “Its old.”  Hmmmm, ya think?  The building has only been standing there since the 1300’s.

untitled (27)
Kenny and I took a day trip the Monastery.  Bob passed on this one as did Sean.  They don’t know what they missed!

Kenny snapped this pic of me.

Is this lovely or what?  It’s what you have to do, dress from head to toe if you want to come here.  For some reason Kenny got a big out of this.

Kenny checking out one of the paintings.

Even though I’ve been several times now I still marvel at the intricate detail in the woodworking.


As you can see it was a beautiful day to be outside.



I think Kenny enjoyed himself today as he seemed very interested in all the buildings, asked lots of questions for which I had no answers and didn’t miss an opportunity to thoroughly check out each building.

Bob and Kenny spent time sitting under the carport, throwing back some cold ones and talking the hours away.

I’ve been busy learning my part that I have in the Veteran’s Day program next week.

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