Wednesday, November 5, 2014

11/514 Road Trip Preparation

(Arizona City, AZ)

We’re going on a road trip to Page, AZ.  We talked about doing this and decided the Grand Canyon could be on the chilly side and could, in fact, even have snow and we wanted something we all wanted to do.  Bob mentioned it first and we all jumped on it.  I happen to be on the phone with my friend Bonnie and when I told her what we were going to do she said, “I wanna go to!” so we invited her along.

So where are we going?  We’re going to take a lazy float down the Colorado River.  Bob and I did this back in ‘08 so we decided it would be good fun for all of us.

I made our reservations for Friday and then set to find a hotel or motel for us.  I was in for sticker shock when I first started looking and was quickly reminded why we travel with our house!  I called some hotels I found online that I had never heard of before and called them just because they were on the page.  No, I didn’t want to spend $170.00 per night for a motel room.  More well known motels were much more affordable, chains that everyone knows.  I called them all and asked for every discount available and was happy with the final choice of a Best Western Plus.  I did get a better rate by calling the motel directly than I could get with their 800 number.  I called both with every chain motel I called.  So we ended up with two rooms for the five of us and it came out to sixty eight dollars and change per night.

Some shopping needed to be done to get snacks for our rooms and for the trip down the river so a trip to town was in order.

We’re going a little north so the temps won’t be in the high 80’s like they are here.  Mid 70’s is what we’re seeing on the Weather Channel.

We packed small bags, with shorts and T’s but also sweatshirts just in case the Weather Channel forecaster doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about.

It’s decided we’ll leave around 8 a.m. which will get us there around 2.  Yep, a six hour trip ahead of us.

Before I forget, I heard from Doug and I made a mistake yesterday about the name of the lake.  I said I thought it was Roosevelt and it turns out its Canyon Lake.  I should have known that.  Anyway, thanks for the info Doug!

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