Saturday, November 8, 2014

11/8/2014 A Long Drive Home

(Page to Arizona City, AZ)

After breakfast in the hotel this morning we packed up but did make a stop before we got on the road.  We wanted to see Lake Powell before we left town. 




SURE KENNY!  Take our picture!

Let’s try that again!

There was a shelf of rock that these stacked rocks, they have a name and a meaning and of course it escapes me right now.


Before long it was time to crawl back into the car for that long trek home.  We made frequent stops so that everyone could change places and to try to get comfortable.

Along the way, seemingly in the middle of nowhere we would see a lean-to type building and jewelry and pottery would be sold.  We stopped at one on the here and we stopped again because there was a piece of pottery I wanted to buy.  I stopped and negotiated and got a better price today than I got the first time.  I was a happy camper.

A while later we stopped again in this small town and I bought a Kokopelli statue.  Here are my treasures from this trip.

What a great trip this has been!  Everyone had fun,  the weather was good, and really, what can beat a lazy float down the Colorado.

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