Monday, June 15, 2015

6/14-6/15/15 Set Em’ Up, Take Em’ Down

(Show Low, AZ)

This is certainly a busy few days for us in our Activities job.  Today after church and after the helicopter club was done with their time in the Grand Lodge we set up for Monday Morning Coffee.  This is what it looks like when we’re done.

Yes, we take the time to make sure all the tables are lined up in straight rows and the chairs backs are set away from the table about four inches.  Now you probably think we’re nuts but you would be surprised at how many comments we get about how neat and orderly the room looks when people first arrive.

I really enjoy the Monday Morning Coffee.  I’m not exactly crazy about an 8 am starting time but I deal with it.  Bob chooses not to get up and moving so early so he doesn’t go.

Coffee and donuts are provided for everyone.  A resident will volunteer to go to Basha’s grocery store to pick up the donuts and getting the coffee ready is something Judy and I do when we are finished setting up on Sunday afternoons.  With the help of timers the coffee is ready for Monday morning without having someone having to go at the crack of dawn to turn them on.

First order of business when you arrive on Monday morning is getting your donut.  Now I know that in all probability Bob will not change his mind after I leave the house and decide to come to coffee.  BUT there is a possibility that he would so I am always prepared by getting a donut for me and one for him,  After all, I would feel really bad if he did change his mind about attending and he couldn’t get his favorite kind of donut.  Yeah, that’s it, I would feel really bad.  So of course, to date, he hasn’t changed his mind and I’m forced to eat both donuts because I certainly don’t want to be wasteful and I just couldn’t put it back in the box.  Putting it back in the box ranks right up there with double dipping your chip in the onion dip.


We start every Monday Morning Coffee with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Afterwards we sing the Star Spangled Banner but I’m thinking only half the crowd is singing.

Every week we have sponsors attend our coffee.  Though I don’t know for sure I’m thinking maybe they pitch in for the donuts.  They each, usually two or three of them, give a short spiel about what they do.  For instance, we’ve had a window washing company, a man who services and sells golf cart batteries and a restaurant that is under new management.

Jeannie, from the main office, makes any announcements that come from that office and Sandy, the Activities Director, makes her announcements, then Debbie from the Activities Office greets and welcomes any new guests in addition to listing the activity sign up sheets.


Then the residents take over.  Shirley gives a list of happenings in the surrounding area and then activity leaders give what news that have.  The whole thing takes about an hour.

Before and after the meeting the resident ticket sellers are busy selling tickets for whatever events are coming up.

Thankfully, the residents put all the chairs away so we don’t have to do that.  When they all leave Judy and I sanitize each table and Bob and Dana put them away.

And that is our Monday Morning Coffee!

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