Friday, June 5, 2015

6/5/15 Little Green Aliens

(Show Low, AZ)

We hit the road again today in search of a resort to spend our summers in.  Today we went to yet another town to check out two resorts

On the way we passed through Heber and this store that had me do a double take as something bright green caught my attention out of the corner of my eye.  I told Bob, “On our way back I want to stop there!”

I am convinced after checking out these two dumps that the people who write the copy for their websites have never seen them and possibly never even set foot in the state of Arizona.  Since when does moss covered, black streaked to the max, (RV’ers will understand that) old junk cars up on blocks in the yard, dead trees and dusty dirt roads represent resort?   Sorry, not in our book.  Oh don’t get me started!

On the way back Bob pulled into the parking lot of the store that intrigued me.  I was smiling ear to ear as we got out of the car at all the treasures laid out before me.  We were at Wild Woods on Route 260 in Heber.

Wood!  Everywhere. 

Chairs,,,,   (very comfortable too!)


,,,,and bears



,,,,and little green aliens were there for admiring and purchasing.



I love things made out of wood!  I so admire the skill set it takes to carve things with a chain saw.  These pieces are works in progress.


While talking with the fellow who was putting the polyurethane on the above he told us there was a very large fire years ago, thirteen years if I remember correctly, and they got a permit to go in and retrieve the damaged trees.  I imagine at most they were scorched on the outside or perhaps the lower parts were burned but the upper sections were still usable.  Which ever way it was I think its great that this business was able to put the remains of a forest fire to good use.


When I went inside the first thing I did was ask if I could take pictures. 

I’m just in awe of people who can make more intricate pieces like the ones shown below.


There were so many things made of wood.  Bowls, decorative pieces, lamps, toys, beautiful pieces of furniture made from imported wood.  Everywhere I looked I found something else that brought a smile to my lips.

I did buy two pieces. 

I’ve been wanting one of these lizards for awhile and price was right!


I also fell in love with this piece.  The workmanship is very good and it will be a nice addition to the park model.  It just says “Quail Run” to me.


If you ever find yourself in this neck of the woods I would make an effort to visit this wonderful shop called Wild Woods at 1890 Hwy 260 in Heber.

And if you get the chance, have Kelly assist you, she just rocks this place!

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