Sunday, June 21, 2015

6/21/15 Happy 30th Anniversary Juniper Ridge

(Show Low, AZ)

The four of us, Dana & Judy and Bob & I went into high gear right after the church services were over today.  We had to get set up just as soon as we could because today there was a 30th Anniversary Party for 200 in the Grand Lodge.

We set to work getting all the tables and chairs set up and ladies who were decorating came right behind us.

The tables were covered with yellow and green tablecloths and on each table was a ten inch high holder with one of these stuck in the slot.


Or one of these…

We also set up several tables for the resorts scrapbooks to be displayed on,


Lots of the attendees enjoyed looking through them.

There was lots going on in the kitchen.  Mostly prep for the event….


……but some clowning around too!


Ice cream, cake and champagne punch will be served today in honor of the 30th Anniversary.

The Assistant Activities Director, Debbie Gretsky, gave us all the history of Juniper Ridge.

The cakes were cut, the punch was made and ice cream needed to be served before it melted.  It was time for ice cream and cake!


There are several artificial trees set up in different buildings and they hold little pieces of paper with words on them.
Two ladies in the park, Judy Tompkins and Eydie Heslip made each one of these slips for the different  trees.  They wrote words on the slips that describe traits of the people here in this park.
Juniper Ridge is celebrating thirty years of community.  It probably hasn’t always been smooth sailing and there have probably been many ups and downs along the way, but the residents embrace the words below.  It is evidenced by the residents who volunteer so things get done.  Its evidenced by the obvious friendships that have formed.  Its evidenced by the sense of pride in their homes and the common grounds.  Yes, together it does take them all to make Juniper Ridge what it is today.


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