Friday, July 24, 2009

7/23 - 7/24/2009 A Move for the Quinn's

On Thursday we didn't do much of anything. It was just down right crummy outside. That's right. Crummy. No other way to put it. Gray and drizzling. Damp and cold. A good day to stay inside. So we did, for the most part. I think Bob was going a little stir crazy there for awhile so he got out the ol' waterproof jacket with hood and walked over to see what the fisherman were doing. Of course it was during this time that Dan, Lin and Darlene stopped in. Isn't that always the way? Dan and Lin whipped out their camera's to show me the pictures they took of the moose that visited their yard after we left. We had been hearing about their neighborhood moose but didn't see them once in the week we spent there. We were beginning to wonder if the moose weren't just figments of their imaginations.

Thursday evening brought nothing more than taking our borrowed movies back to our neighbors and letting them know we were moving on. Gordon and Jane are certainly one couple we hope to run into again while we're here in Alaska and beyond.

Friday didn't dawn any brighter as far as the skies were concerned.

I took one last picture of our view.


I can't tell you how many pictures of kids were taken on this tree stump that washed up on shore. It seemed every time I looked out the window at our view, which was ALOT, that some little person was perched on it and mom was heard saying, "SAY CHEESE".


I wonder what the job of this boat is. I can't make out what kind of equipment its carrying.


While Bob was taking care of dumping our tanks I walked around and took notice of this building that I hadn't paid much attention to prior to today, its the laundry room. I wonder how the practice of hanging things on it started.


It seems that these are probably things that were left in the campground, left on the beach or maybe even things that washed up on shore. There's quite a few fishing poles! With the exception of the toilets of course. I can't even imagine the story behind them, but they do make nice planters!


There is a smaller shed like building on the grounds and I couldn't help but notice this old fisherman's creel.


There are lots of little kids in the campground and I have to wonder how smart of an idea this is.


Sharp and rusty. Now there's a tetanus shot waiting to happen!

We finally got on the road around noon. Once again we don't have too far to go. We're headed to Cooper's Landing about eighty five miles or so north.

Traffic on the way south was really heavy. Lots of RV's and trailer-ed boats. I think we're glad we're moving on, it was just going to be way too crowded.

Here's some scenery we had on the way. It just keeps getting better and better. I wish the color of the water could really show through on these photos, but its nowhere near what we actually saw.


We're staying in this campground for the next three days for sure, maybe longer.


There is a Kenai Princess Lodge on the same grounds and it is all associated with the Princess Cruise Lines. That said, you can imagine that this RV park is top a reasonable cost thank heavens! Here we are parked in our space. Our fifth wheel is on the left, big white thing in the lower third, center, of the picture.


Bob didn't waste any time in getting a river boat fishing trip scheduled through an outfit down the street. We checked out how the fishermen are doing and learned that the river is loaded with red salmon. I'm hoping he has a good day tomorrow.

Before I close this I want to send a Happy Birthday out to my friend Gail. Hope you have a great day Gail!

I hate it when Gail has a birthday. It means mine is just two days later. At least she's older than me!


Anonymous said...

Happy B-day Snookie. Hope you have a million more.

Billy & Ann Cooke

PS thanks for taking us along on your journey.

Wendy and Rick Fury said...

Hope you have a Happy Birthday also. Great pictures! Hope the days brighten up again and the fish are biting.

Peggy & Bill said...

That tree stump looks like a giant crab claw!