Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2/29/2012 Today is THE Day!

Nearly everyday for the past several months I have been doing something online in preparation for today.

What is so special about today? Today Publisher’s Clearing House should be stopping down the street from Site # 187, gathering their balloons, adjusting the dozen long stemmed roses so they present perfectly and making sure my name is spelled right on that oversized, cardboard check.

I’ve done everything right. I’ve clicked this and clicked that and supplied my cross road. I’ve decided how I want my payment, what color new car I want if I win the extra special prize. I’ve done this every day for months. Sometimes several times a day. I never missed one of the strictly enforced deadlines for each entry.

I’ve been told that someone in my town with the initials MQ will be awarded $10,000! How many people with same initials, MQ, can there be in Mission, Texas? I looked in the local phone book and believe me there aren’t a whole lot of last names that start with the letter Q here in this part of the Valley. I didn’t see any Michael or Marian Quashne’s, I didn’t see any Mark or Melinda Quayles or even a Matthew or Michelle Quesenberry’s. It’s gotta be me, right? If I don’t win the BIG ONE then I should at least get the 10,000 bucks!

So today I wait. I won’t go anywhere. Laundry will have to wait, after all I don’t want them to have to chase me all over the RV park. Besides, who would want to be surprised on national TV with a million dollar prize while folding underwear?

I won’t shower today. What if they came in the middle of it? There’s no way I could hold a dozen roses, a handful of balloon strings, accept the oversized, cardboard check and hold my towel closed all at the same time!

I’ll make a dinner that is “neat”. Certainly not spaghetti! Oh my, what if they come right as I am making dinner and I had spaghetti sauce spattered on my shirt?

I hope they come early, it’s a sunny day and I’d like to spend the afternoon at the pool.

At day’s end……

Well, its been hours and hours since I started this post. Its dark outside. I don’t think they’re coming.

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Donna K said...

Wouldn't it be loverly....