Sunday, April 1, 2012

4/1/2012 We Thought We Had it Bad!

Now that we’re seeing news reports and hearing first hand accounts of what the residents have seen in the surrounding area, we’re thinking that our storm could have been a lot worse.

Mission and McAllen Texas are right next to each other. I sometimes wonder where one stops and the other begins. The street sign says McAllen is four miles from here. In a nutshell that means you have four miles of Mission to drive through before you get there.

We thought that Mission got hit hard in the storm, we now know that we were just on the edge of it.

In McAllen, buildings were stripped of paint by the hail. A car dealership had 80 brand new BMW’s destroyed by hail and rain. The back windows were knocked out so of course the interiors were soaked by the driving rain and exteriors were pounded by golf ball size hail. (My friend posted these on Facebook)

McAllen golfball size hail

While we had hail and it sounded horrible while in the 5th wheel, ours wasn’t nearly this big. Theirs was not only bigger, they got a lot more of it.

McAllen Hail

This isn’t snow! It was 92 degrees today!

Hail covered parking lot

There was a row of apartments in McAllen and the north side of the building had all the windows broken out from the hail.

All the trees here have their leaves and have for two months or so now. One neighborhood had the bark and leaves stripped from the trees because of the hail, rain and wind. The next neighborhood over lost some branches like we did but their trees are still pretty much intact.

Flooding was a major problem in McAllen too as seen in this picture. Look in the center, one car is almost completely submerged.

Ware Road

One has to wonder why they even thought they could drive through that!

So you can see, we here in Mission, were very lucky indeed.

Some people aren’t just too bright, I’m telling ya. We had one motorhome couple that wanted to leave the morning after the storm. They are parked on ground, not a cement pad. It’s a 40 foot motorhome, heavy, very heavy. He tried to pull out and the back end just sank into the ground up to axles. Just where did he think that 5 inches of water went? We haven’t even attempted to move our truck yet!


Donna K said...

Oh my goodness! That is just terrible. I have to agree with you though about the cars - doesn't look very smart to try and drive when there's that much standing water.

Anonymous said...

i was once in that area during a storm. you hve no choice when traffic pushes you and at a stand still your car just starts to float . very scary but sometimes you have no choice not to mention mcallen pd blocks all surrounding streets to turn off from that area so you are not able to move from where you are. i had a very bad experience and lost my vehicle. when a storm hits that major it needs to be shut down in that area