Wednesday, May 1, 2013

5/1/2013 Timeline Building

(Tucson, AZ)

Today we gathered all the notes, emails and past service records together to build a timeline for the service/problem aspect of this rig.

Do we have problem?  In a word, yes.  Our entire hydraulic and axle system is a problem.  Parts for these components were supplied by the same company.  Its best that I don’t name the company here right now because I couldn’t type it without a few choice expletives placed before it.  Let me put it this way, they definitely qualify for being at the top of my shit list.

Yes, we’ve had other problems too but none as big as this.  Other things have mostly been nit picky thing, not all, but most.

So why the timeline?  Just to have everything documented.  I’m sending it to the sales and service managers of DRV, the service mgr for the hydraulic company, the CEO & service mgr for Lazy Days.  Its not a nasty-gram in any way, shape or form.  Just documentation in case we need it down the road. 

It was quite a chore making heads or tails out of the collection of papers we each had.  Between that and emails to go through it took me several hours to get it sorted and typed.  But its done.

We have been here forty nine days now.  Way, way too long.  Things are going to change starting tomorrow.

We were supposed to be in the service bay today.  This arrangement was made last week and somehow, someway, something changed.  I talked with service manager and he assured me we would be in the service bay tomorrow.  We’ll see.  For his sake I hope so.


Richard VanSice said...

Have you put your name on the mail box yet?

Snookie said...

Rich & Cookie,
No, but that certainly is an idea!

Bob & Snookie