Monday, August 19, 2013

8/19/2013 Guinness Comes to Delaware

That’s right, Guinness came to Delaware today.  I don’t mean the Ale, that’s been here a long time.  I’m talking about Guinness Book of World Records.
Do you know what this is?


This is a close up, a very small portion of this!


I took a ride out to John Dickinson High School to see the tower built by area students.
Lego brick by Lego brick the students of the Red Clay School District spent the past couple of months building this nearly 113 foot tower.  Think an eleven story building, taking into consider room height and the space between ceilings and floors.


It was built in sections and put together by some contractors who volunteered to stack them.   The tower is built around a metal cylinder and uses tension wires to keep it from tipping over.  The tower in no way leans against the cylinder holding it up.

Picture courtesy of Delaware Online

In all there are over a half million Lego bricks and it weighs about a ton.   (no taxpayer dollars were used in this project)

The previous record Lego tower was 106 feet and erected in Prague.

Said District Superintendent, Mervin Daugherty, when asked of the value of such a project, other than the gone too soon fame of a Guinness World Record, “We want kids to get a message out of this.  One kid could never put this together. But when we all work together, when we’re all a team, we can do something that people probably thought would be impossible.”

The world's tallest Lego tower. Ever. (I don’t know the name of the person who took this picture to give credit to)

Quite an accomplishment for the students I’d say.

The evening brought Monday Night Wrestling, ice cream cones and card games.

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