Saturday, August 3, 2013

8/3/2013 Bob is a Happy Camper!

(Bear, Delaware)

In spite of Bob still fighting off a bit of a sore throat and the sniffles we decided to keep a date we made for this evening.   Actually, I don’t think a hospitalization required bout of pneumonia and a blazing fever would have kept Bob away.

I think this says it all.


Put a plate of crabs in front of him and the man is in his own personal heaven!

So we went over to Dian’s & KK’s and had a great visit with those two and Di’s mom, Louise.

Louise is one of our favorite people.  She and Bob go back many years, he first met her when he was a teenager.  When Bob and I first started dating back in 1980, her house was one of the first places he took me to.  I think he took me there for her approval if the truth be told. 

Of course Louise gives  Bob what for when he deserves it.

In addition to the crabs we put these to good use to.  Nothing like sweet corn in August!


The moment finally came and this was set before Bob,  His sigh was audible!

I ate one crab.  I love blue claw crab meat, I just don’t like picking them.  Since I only clean one crab a year these plates KK found came in handy.


KK doesn’t like picking them either so she also made some chicken parmesan.  OH EM GEE!  This girl can cook! 

Bob borrowed a fishing pole from Dian while we were there because we take off for the beach tomorrow.

Before we knew it the time had come to hit the road back to mom’s house.   I snapped one last picture of Louise, Bob and Dian before we left.

Sorry KK,I took a picture of you too and it wasn’t flattering and I don’t post bad pictures of good friends.

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