Tuesday, August 20, 2013

8/20/2013 Bob’s Birthday Dinner

(Wilmington, DE)

Our last full day here.

We started our day out with a couple of hours with my our great niece Cassidy.  She, or her sister Talia, normally come on Thursday’s but with a change in plans of their parents schedules we were able to get one more day in with this little one.


This is the part I don’t like about not living here anymore.  I miss out on so much with the youngsters in the family.  They grow so much between our visits and the youngest ones have to learn who we are all over again.

This afternoon was consumed by packing, running to the post office to mail off what we couldn’t fit in the suitcases,,,,darn you Boscov’s,,,and soaking up every minute with Mom.

I also firmed up plans for shuttles to take us to the airport and to pick us up on the other end.

Since we aren’t going to be here on Bob’s birthday this year, Mom took us out to dinner to celebrate tonight.  As usual the one who is celebrating their birthday gets to pick the restaurant.  In years past each of us has always picked Michael’s but this year Bob opted to change his usual pick and we went to Red Lobster for their all you can eat shrimp special.  Mom and I both ordered the garlic shrimp and let me tell you, you can only eat just so many garlic shrimp!  They were good but the garlic was a tad overbearing.  Someone must have been a little heavy handed with the garlic seasoning.  I forget how Bob ordered his shrimp but the waitress had to bring three plates before he declared himself full.

After dinner, back at home, Bob settled in for some TV and mom and I settled into jammies and worked on a puzzle we had going.  We had started it in the dining room on the table there and just pulled the tablecloth over it when we were done.  Mom decided that she wanted the puzzle on her puzzle board that she has so that she can take it to the front porch and work on it there if she wants to.  I never gave that a thought when I put all the pieces out on the dining room table and started and getting the outside edges together.  So how does one get a partially put together puzzle and its pieces from one area to the next?  By spatula of course!

Hey, don’t laugh, it worked for us!

Mom and I stayed up until the wee hours, talking about my dad, what she’ll do this winter to keep busy and how hot its going to be in Arizona in August!

I hate leaving tomorrow!

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