Wednesday, August 14, 2013

8/5–8/14/2013 We’re Off to the Beach Again!

(Wilmington – Rehoboth Beach)

Monday:  Bob didn’t sleep well last night.  In fact, practically not at all.  His summer cold is getting worse and we went back and forth on whether we should head to the beach.  Since the whole plan behind it was to give Mom some much needed space he decided he would be sick no matter where he was so we might as well go down.

I gathered everything we would need at the beach and we got the car loaded and took off.

We made a stop along the way, about two thirds of way down to the beach.  When we got back in the car the driver’s side car door wouldn’t latch when Bob pulled it shut.  You know that little peg thing’y that sticks out that your door latches on to?  Yeah, that thing.  Ours didn’t.  So Bob had to hang on to the door for the last 25 – 30 miles.  Do you have any idea how heavy a Mustang door to a two door coupe is?  H E A V Y ! ! !  It didn’t help that poor Bob felt absolutely drained as it was.

We got to the beach, turned on the AC and I unpacked the car.  Bob just didn’t have it in him so he headed straight to the sofa which was fine with me.  While he napped I went to the grocery store to get food in for at least the next few days.

An early night was called as rest was surely needed.

Tuesday:  Guess who woke up with a summer cold?  Yep, we’re both down now.  I did not feel nearly as bad as Bob did so I made the trip, holding the heavy car door shut which was quite a feat on turns, back to the store for tissues, cherry flavored Nyquil and and few comfort items.  Think chocolate!  Other than that neither one of us left the house.

Wednesday:  The highlight of the day was feeding the birds in the yard.  


Thursday:  This is really knocking Bob for a loop.  We’re not so sure that maybe his allergies aren’t contributing to how he feels.  Bob’s allergies haven’t bothered him in the last six years but we are back in Delaware and we are nestled in amongst trees and grass.  Hmmm…maybe.  Needless to say there was no beach, no fishing, no boardwalk this day for us.  Being at the beach is so darn fun!

Friday:  I’m on the mend and Bob is still down.  I was going stir crazy so I ran down to the Indian River Inlet to see our workamping friends that I knew were there.  It was good to get out of the house for awhile.

Saturday:  It was a dreary day today so neither one of us minded staying in today,  It was a good day for movies on TV.  Thank heaven for small favors.

Sunday:  Bob is starting to feel better but not yet 100%.  We were invited down to the Inlet today so Bob could go out in the boat fishing with our friend Dave and I could spend the afternoon playing cards with Sue.  Bob is feeling better but not good enough yet to spend the day on the water.  I went!  Sue and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, playing cards, talking and laughing.

Monday:  Bob decided he had better get this car door fixed, otherwise it would be a very long ride home.  He took it all apart, saw the parts needed and I got on the phone calling junk yards in the area.  On the second call we hit the jackpot!  The part was already harvested and the price was right.  Off we went and it just felt so good to be out and about together.  Part bought and paid for we headed back so Bob could put it all back together.  It all went back very easily and in no time the door was shutting again as it should.

Tuesday:  Bob suggested we go look at some campgrounds in the area as he wants to find a place to put our 5th wheel for the summer season.  This is NOT something I want to do.  I’m not ready to hang up the keys yet.  Bob says he getting tired of traveling and worrying about the RV breaking down.  Between you and me, I’m hoping this was just frustration at the difficult year this has been talking.  If we must travel between our park model in the winter to a fixed destination where our RV is parked permanently, I don’t want it to be in Delaware.  I really don’t want to go back there.  I’ll fly back for a few weeks a year to see my mom and friends but other than that I have no desire to live there again.  I want to stay out west.  The perfect scenario for me would be to go someplace interesting for a month.  Explore the area and then move again and set up for another month.  There is so much out here we haven’t seen yet.  I went on this excursion but I wasn’t happy about it.  That said, we did check out an acceptable campground but it really isn’t someplace I want to be.  I’m hoping after our trip to the factory in September, all of our problems will be ironed out and he’ll have confidence in our rig again and will want to the take the road.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Wednesday:  Its time to go back to Wilmington again.  Time was spent packing up, cleaning the place and driving home to mom’s.

This is just unbelievable, we’ve spent two and a half weeks total at the beach this trip home and we never set foot on the beach, never walked the boards, and Bob never got a fishing line in the water.  Not exactly what we expected or planned.


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Allison said...

I hear you on the year not being what you had expected. There is an ebb and flow to full timing. Our year has not been as good as we'd hoped, the motor home still has just one more thing to be done, but that just seems to be the way it is. Good luck at the factory, having the hydraulics fixed will make traveling way more fun.