Sunday, August 4, 2013

8/4/2013 My Name is Snookie…. re-visited

 (Wilmington, DE)   

….and I’m a Facebook game junkie. 
It all started several years ago, back in 2009, with Farmville.


I’d plant and harvest, plant and harvest, buy more land and plant and harvest some more.  In that game, the more money you made from harvesting your crops afforded you bigger farm houses, fencing, a swing for the yard and the list just went on and on to the point that it got ridiculous as they added new embellishments.  Day and night I harvested my  crops as fast as the grew to put more money in my bank.  The problem?  Being the Queen of Cheap I never bought the bigger houses, I bought a little bit of fencing and wouldn’t get off the bucks needed to buy the swing for the yard.  My farmer stood.  Isn’t that pathetic?

I knew my Farmville addiction was getting out of hand when we were in Alaska.  Bob and I were Denali on an eight hour bus trip and I kept thinking about my crops that were ready for harvesting.  Finally the day came that I said enough and quit playing.   Hmmmm,,,,wonder if my farm is still there, waiting for me to plant again?  No!  I cannot go look!

Next came Words With Friends.  Think Scrabble.
I would have twenty games going at one time.  Since my opponents all came on at different times of the day I always a move to make.

Enter Candy Crush Saga.  This is the DEVIL’S doing!  Addiction like no other.  It’s the crack of Facebook games.  Day after day, matching colors to clear the field, trying to get the acorns from the top of the screen to the bottom or trying to get X amount of points in X amount of seconds.  Madness I tell you!  Madness! 

People spend months (coughcousinKathycough) on one level.  I spent just over two months on Level 65.  Those of you reading, familiar with Level 65, just had chills run up your spine didn’t you?  Be honest, you did!

I do believe I am ready for this!

So I spend the majority of my Facebook time matching little colored squares on the screen.  Of course that’s just one game that I play.  I also play Papa Pears,,,,but that’s a whole ‘nother post.

So there, I said it.  My name is Snookie and I’m a Facebook game junkie.

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Faye N Dave said...

Yours was the first blog I read during our first week in the rv last year. Finally got the house sold this year and leave for 7 months on 9/23. I've wanted to say hi and thanks for awhile now, after reading your blog knew we could do this and also learned a lot. I've seen you post on some of the same Facebook pages I belong to, made it to level 79 recently, will be glad to get on the road and off the computer.