Saturday, August 17, 2013

8/15–817/2013 Home Again…

(Wilmington, DE)

We woke up this morning and Bob is feeling completely normal again but weak.   This past week really knocked the stuffin’ out of him.

He spent his days on the front porch catching up on email, playing his golf game and resting.

Mom and I BOSCOVE’D!  Am I ever glad we went.  Bob is now the proud owner of four more golf shirts, I think that makes an even dozen after he gets his birthday presents later this month.  He better start playing golf!

I also scored two beach towels that started out at $27.00 a piece, a price that I would never, ever pay, and I got them for a song!  They were marked down 70% to $8.00 and then the 15% discount we get brought it down $6.80.  I just love a sale like that!  Now I have to wonder how I’m going to get them home!  There’s no room in the suitcases for a beach towel, let alone two.

The weather has broken here on the east coast.  The windows are up, the humidity is low and mom’s new air conditioner has never even been turned on once.  I’m also hoping for a heat wave so that it wasn’t bought in vain.

Late Saturday afternoon I rode over to our friends, Dian and KK’s house.  I had something to deliver before headed back to Arizona.

If your remember Di and KK visited us down in the Florida Keys.  I made a memory book of their vacation for them and it had been delivered to my mom’s house.

I just love making these books!  It seems that since so many companies are starting up and making these photo books now that great sales are always available.  I got this copy of the book and one for us too, both for the price of a little less than one.

So I took it over to them so I could watch them look at it for the first time.  It was like going on vacation all over again!


We passed the rest of time playing cards, watching TV, sitting out in the yard, just being.  And that was ok with me.

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