Monday, September 16, 2013

9/10- 9/16/2013 A Wall Gets Built

(Arizona City, AZ)

Now that the steps were done it was time to start the next project.

Before I get into that I want to share some of the pictures I took.  Look how big our cactuses (cacti?) are growing.



I was finally able to catch one of these elusive birds in my camera lens.  Quail run all over this park in the summertime but they are so fast its hard to get your camera up and focused before they are long out of range.  I finally got one!


So a new project begins.  Of course it starts with a trip to town to get everything we need.  First stop was Home Depot because they had the “hard materials” we wanted.  Then it was across the street to get the “pretty stuff”.

Bob wants to do some landscaping.  Before we could get started we had to have the already in place irrigation system fixed.  This is the parks area of concern since the orange tree it waters does in fact belong to the park.


We put a request in to have this fixed and in no time one of the parks maintenance men were here to get this taken care of.

So Bob stood back and decided where his project would begin and where things would go and then he got started. 

One plant….



Oh heck, a whole bunch!


First he raked the stone away so that it wouldn’t get mixed in with the dirt and sand underneath.  Then he laid the first layer.


And then he added a few more layers.


He moved our new plants from one place to another.  A hundred times at least.  First this one here, and then  there and back again.  Of course he had them where he wanted them and then I came along and moved some.  We went round and round.

We’ve decided to put off actually planting the plants for a few days because their locations change so much.  We want to be sure of where they are going.
The rest of the week was taken up with cleaning out gutters…

All this junk was in our gutters!  You can see the nearly black water coming out.

This has been on hot week!  We averaged around  110 degrees.  As hot as it was I managed to get to the pool a few times and found that I had to wear my flip-flops from my chair to the poolside because the cement surround was too hot to walk across.  I could only stay for an hour or so because it was just too hot in the sun.  I look forward to 90 degree weather!

Just so you know, when Bob has a project going, I do ask if there is anything I can do to help but Bob is very much a solo worker.  He likes to go at his own pace and often times changes direction mid-stream, so I hold this or get that and run to the hardware store when he asks.  Its not that I don’t want to help, he would just rather work alone.

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