Monday, September 2, 2013

8/28–9/2/2013 New Projects and a Birthday

(Arizona City, AZ)

Bob has started on his projects.  The first one he wanted to knock out was the steps leading into the house.

His first idea was that he would paint them and be done with it.


He walked around them, up and down them, looked at them from all angles, including turning them upside down.

Just painting wasn’t going to do. Of course I knew that from the very beginning.

So we went shopping.  Wood, paint, carpeting and nails.  Let the project begin!  Tomorrow, for it is surely too hot to be outside anymore today.

Friday, the 30th, Bob became Medicare eligible!  He hit that magic number 65.  Between you and me, you’d never know it.  He still works as hard as he did twenty years ago.  Mom and I had both shipped his birthday gifts to Arizona before we left Delaware, unbeknownst to Bob.  He was quite surprised when he came in one mime and there were two boxes sitting on his chair.  Mob gave him two….wait for it,,,golf shirts!  There were four more in my box to him.  It’s official, his collection of golf shirts now rivals a Crayola box of crayons for the colors.  I think he has every color in the rainbow and then some.

I also gave Bob and photo book I made of him and his sons and granddaughters.  I used the pictures I made when we were in Delaware and we were altogether for a day for a BBQ at Tim’s home in Smyrna.  I also had copies made of the books for Tim and Jonathan.  Some pictures from the book.




Labor Day we were invited to a cookout here in the park but since we have to leave early tomorrow morning we declined because we had lots to do to get ready to take the rig to Mesa.  We went through it and pulled out everything we could possibly/want need since it wasn’t going to be just down the street anymore.

Here we go again.


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