Tuesday, September 24, 2013

9/24/2013 Bob’s New Project

A new project got started today.


Bob is going to make sun shades or sun screens for our park model.  The Arizona sun is so intense that most people who have park models have invested in these.  I would say most have them made for them but I do know of a couple who have made their own.  Of course Bob is in that group.

He went to Lowe's or Home Depot and bought all the material and today is the day it gets started.  I knew better than to hang around so I went to town grocery shopping for fresh veggies and a few other things.


Actually, when I came back he had worked out the bumps in the road and things were going smoothly.  He did quite well actually and was moving right along.


He got both of the smaller windows in the front done today.  Because we’re still in the low 100’s and the sun is so intense he only works out in the sun until a little after noon, then he has to call it a day.

What a difference it makes on the inside!

Our park manager, Brenda, is one crafty chick!  I mean that in the nicest way possible.  I saw a project Brenda had done and knew I had to have one for Jasmine, our granddaughter.  I called Brandi, Jasmine’s mom. and asked what colors her room was.  I had a name embroidered on this gift and chose not to have Jasmine’s name on it but another so this “new friend”  would have its identity.  Meet Rosie, Rosie the Rabbit.

This rabbit is made from chenille material so is incredibly soft and stuffed just right.  Lots of attention to detail was paid in the making of Jasmine’s new friend.

Brenda makes all different colors and types and dresses each creation in different style hats and clothes.  Each one is reasonably priced and if you are interested in one for gift giving at Christmas, embroidered with whatever name you want, leave me a comment and I’ll put you in touch with Brenda and she can direct you to her mother lode of pictures of her “friends”.

So today I got to pack Rosie up and send her off.

Since Jasmine has a “big brudder” as she calls him, I included several Word Find books which he likes for him.  Now my wait begins for her to have her gift arrive.

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