Monday, September 9, 2013

9/4–9/9/2013 We Be Shopping Fools!

(Arizona City)

During the span of these six days we spent money like it was growing on trees.  I had hardly gotten over the hundred plus bucks we dropped in Hobby Lobby, me being the Queen of Cheap and all.

Since we weren’t going to be on the road after all it was time to get some food into this place.  We did a huge grocery shopping and two hundred bills and then some flew out of our checking count.

Back to town we went the next day as Bob has a project in mind.  There was one store I wanted to go to in the Promenade Shopping Center and of course Bob went in with me.  Note to self:  Leave him in the truck! Nearly one hundred and twenty five dollars later…..  Granted, we found the perfect light to hang over the table on the patio . While in World Market Bob also discovered jalapeno stuffed olives and a couple of jars made their way into our cart.  I picked up a few other things for the park model and the 5th wheel.

From there it was on to Walmart for some things we needed from there.  One of the few times we got out for less than a hundred dollars.

Next it was off to Lowe’s and Home Depot.  These two stores are right next to each other separated by the side street.  It makes it very easy for comparison shopping.  Todays’ trip was just to see what they had as far as project material was concerned and to compare prices.  We’ll be back tomorrow after he decides how much he needs.

Back at home Bob got started on the steps project.  He took the planter hooks and other decorations off the steps in addition to the now tattered carpet.  He reinforced the frames and steps where needed.  He sanded and primed and painted.  He took his time and fitted the new carpet to the steps so that each corner was molded just so.  Sometimes his strive for perfection can be irritating and mind-boggling and nitpicky but when he’s done all one can say is that he does beautiful work.


One afternoon I went to town with two friends from here in the park, Marilyn and Bonnie.  We spent our time at the Promenade Shopping Center, browsing the goods of each and every aisle of several stores.  I went, I saw, I bought.  Not a lot, just a few odds and ends that needed replacing in the park model and a shirt for me and socks for Bob.

I’ve never shopped so much as I have this week!

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