Monday, September 30, 2013

9/25–9/30/2013 Finishing Projects.

Bob has been busy at work around here finishing up projects.

The front of the park is all done now and he’s started on the sides.  Look at that blue sky!  This day was a bit breezy you can see our flag standing straight out.

The side windows on the sunny side of the house are next.

I spend my days at the pool or reading or running to town or the local hardware store for supplies for Bob. 

Friends who are making their way to Quail Run are getting closer and we’ll be glad when everyone is here again.  Although it will be mid-November before most of our friends arrive.

Bob is having a problem with his feet swelling so we’ve made doctor appointments for next week.  That can only mean that dreaded needle is coming for me for blood tests.
Not much else happening around here.


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