Tuesday, September 3, 2013

9/3/2013 We’re Off To Mesa

(Arizona City - Mesa - Arizona City, AZ)

When we left this morning we had every intention of staying in Mesa in our rig for at least two nights.  Our friend, Richard, is in Mesa and we had hoped to get together with him.  That was the plan.

We had a pleasant hours drive to Mesa with little traffic and we had no problem finding the dealership.  The only problem was the heat.  What a scorcher of a day!

Upon arrival I went into the office to let them know we had arrived and to get the paperwork started.  Bob and I had made a list of everything that needed to be addressed.  Now I say everything but it really isn’t that much.  We gave great detail on what needed to be done as far as we were concerned.  I’ll say it right out, neither one of us had warm and fuzzies about this place.  We couldn’t quite pinpoint what we feel is off.  The service writer asked all the right questions and seemed to listen to us but something just isn’t right.

We went to get lunch and we were told they would park our rig where the electric hookup would be and that they would put our slides out and turn on the AC.  We filled the water tank before we left Arizona City so we didn’t have to worry about a water hookup.

We found a place called What the Hell Bar because if nothing else we needed something to drink.  Turns out they had a pretty extensive menu so we settled in.  We called Richard to let him know where we were but he was at the gym so it wasn’t a good time to meet up with him.

We had a delicious lunch and then found ourselves wondering what to do since it was still early afternoon. Earlier I had taken notice of a store I wanted to go into so I started giving directions to Bob once got back into the truck.  When we pulled in and he saw where we were the look on his face told me he was less than thrilled.  I coaxed him in because I knew he was going to love this place!  I was right, he loved it.  We wondered up and down aisles of Hobby Lobby for over an hour.  I don’t think anything was overlooked by him.  He could have spent a fortune but luckily we got out for just a little over a hundred bucks.  I’ll show you in another post what we bought, when its in the place its supposed to go.

We headed back towards where our rig is and stopped at another adult beverage outlet on the way, we were thirsty, it was hot!  Back at the rig, we went in and it was HOT in there.  We were out in the sun, on blacktop with a 30 amp hookup which means we only run one air conditioner.  We kept telling ourselves that it will get better, cooler.

Finally Bob said, “Let’s get out of here, its not going to cool down enough, we’re going back to Arizona City.”  He didn’t have to twist my arm.  I had what things we brought gathered up and in the truck in no time flat.  Richard we’ll see you another time!

I’ve brought up several times over the years how nicely Arizona takes care of their roadways.  From decorative tile and wrought iron work on their overpasses to the landscaping along I-10.


As we got closer to Arizona City the sun was setting.  The sky was a palette of brilliant colors.


This certainly wasn’t the day we planned but as usual, it is what it is.

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