Monday, September 23, 2013

9/23/2013 I Love a Good Deal!

(Arizona City, AZ)

If I can save a buck, I do!  If I can save eighteen of them and give my mom an afternoon out as a gift, all the better.

I get four “deal offers” every day in email.  I’ve used Living Social several times now and have been very happy with my purchases each time.  Today I bought my mom two tickets for a play that I know she’ll enjoy.  Had I called the box office I would have paid $18.00 each but because I went through Living Social it was a buy one, get one deal.  Now my mom is going to a play she probably would not even have known about and she gets to invite a friend to go with her.  Hopefully they will go out to lunch beforehand or dinner after.

I’ve also used Living Social for tickets to events for me and Bob.  Its not all tickets, its restaurant deals, weekend getaways, gifts and lots of other things.

I also get daily emails from Groupon.  This is another site that offers restaurant deals, electronic deals, car washes, gutter washing and the list goes on and on and on.  I have used this one with success also.

Interested in deals from major retailers? Old Navy?  The list of retailers is endless.  Here you get printable coupons or online codes for discounts on your purchases.  I’m really likin’ this one!  Check it out at Retail Me Not.

The newest one I’m getting emails from is Deal Chicken.  Another site with deals local to you.

With all of these you put in your city or the city closest to you.  I get emails for Delaware and here in Arizona because I’m always on the lookout for deals for family and friends who don’t subscribe or in the case of my mom, who doesn’t have a computer.

Today I ordered a coupon for $30.00 worth of flowers  from for which I paid $15.00.    Don’t tell my mom but sometime between now and mid-February she’ll be getting flowers from me.

So, there it is.  I thought I’d share these sites with you,  Check ‘em out, there’s money to be saved!

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