Friday, October 17, 2014

10/11–10/17/2014 Settling in Week

(Arizona City, AZ)

It’s been a busy week.  We are completely set up now.  Nick-knacks are out, family pictures are unwrapped from towels and T-shirts they were wrapped in for traveling.  Rubber shelf liner is pulled from in between the dishes and put away and our computers and printer are set up in their normal places for the winter.

Our park model made it through the summer with no problems other than 3 of our screens being blown off during the high winds associated with the monsoon season.  Thankfully, our friend who lives here fulltime found them and put them away for us.

My car was also a mess!


Our cactus grew a lot while we were gone!  All of our landscape plants made it through the monsoons and it looked it pretty good.


Three years ago this was on “leaf” or “ear”.  Look at it now!
Cactus are not friendly plants!


I got my wheels back!  Bob put the battery back in for me and brought it to the RV site from the park model.  I haven’t driven, not once, since we left here last April.  I never drive when we are towing the rig and once we got to Virginia the road up and down the mountain was so twisty and winding that I didn’t care if I drove or not.  Besides, when one of us had reason to get off the mountain, the other was just so glad to go too.  So I have wheels and I am a very happy camper. 

I took advantage of having a car at my disposal the very next day.  I went to town and I took as long as I wanted in the grocery store and then I went to another one.  I wasn’t on anyone else’s schedule, I didn’t have anyone waiting on me and I wasn’t waiting on anyone else.  I enjoyed it so much that I went again the next day!

Towards the end of the week we attended a get together with friends of ours and others who are in the park.  It was a nice chance to catch up with everyone who is here so far.

(Elaine, Bonnie and Marilyn)

(Bob & Al)

(Bev & Babe)
(Ron, Lawrence & Earl)
It is so good to be back in Quail Run.  Home.

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