Sunday, October 5, 2014

10/5/2014 We Have to Leave the Campground

(Albuquerque, NM)

We had to leave our campsite in the Famcamp today because we have reached the end of our 14 day stay.  Normally, if the campground wasn't completely full like it is now we would be allowed to extend our stay.  However, that isn’t the case during Balloon Fiesta week.  I spent the morning on the phone trying to find a space somewhere for us.  There wasn’t one to be had.  Every single campsite within a 25 mile radius is filled.  So we’ll have to “boondock”.  Exist without electricity.  Oh, how we hate this.

We didn’t have to be out of our site until 11 o’clock and we were determined to use every bit of electricity we had coming to us and we were going to stay until the very last minute.  The reason?  Our standalone freezer. The freezer over our fridge wouldn’t be a problem because we turn that one on using propane.  Our little freezer is also filled with meat.

After filling our fresh water tank so that we had water and could flush and getting the rig ready to move, we took our place in overflow.  We so don’t like this.  We like our electricity!

After setting up in the dusty field we took off in search of dry ice.  We found a grocery store about twelve miles away that had it.  Because it was pretty warm we had to add the dry ice so that the freezer contents didn’t start to thaw.  We won’t have electricity again until about four o’clock tomorrow afternoon.

We noticed these sticker things that we kept walking on as we walked barefoot in the house.  Little buggers hurt!  It wasn’t until I was sitting in the truck with my foot up that we discovered they where they were coming from!



We had dinner in the food court since there would be no cooking in my kitchen tonight.  That definitely worked for me.

The evening was spent using our batteries on our laptops till they ran out, then it was reading

I have to go to sleep with noise, the TV on or a talk radio station.  If its too quiet I can’t get to sleep and if I do fall off then I toss and turn.  I was so thankful that Bob reminded me that we had a battery operated radio.  I found a talk radio station and drifted off to dreamland.

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