Monday, October 27, 2014

10/24-10/27/2014 Pool Time and a Stage Play

(Arizona City, AZ)

Sitting by the pool is taking up a lot of my hours these past few days and now Bob is working on our park model.

During a monsoon this summer we lost three screens, well, we didn’t lose them they just came down, so he’s putting them back up and making sure all the rest are secure.

He has cleaned out the shed, power washed the outside of our home and our patio is spotless.  I’ve cleaned the inside and he’s helped me with stuff over my head and out of my reach. 

I went to the store to get in stuff like ketchup, mustard, mayo, coffee, sugar, milk, things that they’ll need but I’ll take the leftovers when they leave.  We’re ready for Kenny and Sean to get here.

My friend Bonnie and I went to see a play at the Central Arizona College.  We’ve been to a couple of events there now and they’ve been good so we got tickets for Little Shop of Horrors

For those of you who haven’t seen this play it’s part comedy, part rock concert and part horror flick all rolled into one.  Seymour is a nerdy, girl shy, clerk in a failing florist shop.  Seymour turns this nearly bankrupt shop into a hot spot when he brings in a plant he has been growing.  What’s so special about this plant?  It feeds on human blood and flesh.  FEED ME, SEYMOUR, FEED ME!  is the call of the day as the plant grows.


This a version of the plant from a movie studio
Prop dept at the college version.
The singing cast.

I’ve seen the movie and I enjoyed it.  This version?  Eh, not so much.  The music was too loud, which having a half empty auditorium may have something to do with.  One fellow who had a pretty big part just could not sing.  Needless to say we left after the first of the two act play.

We’ll we go back?  Oh sure!  Like I said, we’ve seen some good shows here.

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