Tuesday, October 7, 2014

10/7/2014 Fixed At Last!

(Albuquerque, NM)

We were up and ready to vacate the RV so that the technicians could get started fixing our wheel problem.

I found a little lunch room inside the building and settled in with my book, which I never cracked open, and my laptop, which got a good workout. Bob started out with a walk so that he stayed out of their way.

Right at 8 a.m. the work commenced and just over three hours later we were done.  All is well, we’re ready to roll.

Even though our extended warranty took care of the one wheel, parts and labor, we were responsible for having the other wheels looked at and part replaced.  We were expecting a bill around $400 to $450.  We were extremely pleased to be handed a bill for $248.00  They didn’t use all the time allotted for fixing the wheel that the warranty covered so the excess pay for labor time was applied to our portion of the labor bill for the extra work we wanted done.  We were very pleased that Tom’s RV worked this in our favor.  He didn’t have to but he’s a fair business man.  It was a pleasure doing business with this man and his technicians.

We wouldn’t usually start out on the road this late in the day but this whole ordeal just took too much of our time as it was and were ready to head west!

On the road again….

We noticed lots of standing water on the roadsides which means the area got a boatload of rain!


And of course more rain was in the forecast and the clouds were rolling in.


It did spritz a little bit but we didn’t have a real downpour.  We hadn’t seen one of these in a long while.  Kinda felt like home seeing the border patrol checkpoint.

We got as far as Truth or Consequences today and we were happy with that.

Oh, its good to be on the road again!

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