Friday, October 31, 2014

10/29–10/31/2014 Halloween in Quail Run

(Arizona City)

These few days were settling in time for our family members.  Clothes needed to be washed and a grocery store run had to be made.  Bob took Kenny to town (Casa Grande) to show him around, specifically where the VFW was.

The afternoons are spent working on their since faded tans.  We are having really warm temperatures so they are just loving this as it had already turned to fall when they left Delaware.

It’s Halloween time again!

The park had a Halloween Block Party.  A peak at some of this year’s costumes.

I can’t say anything about this one because I never did find out who was under this cloak and behind the mask.

Bill, he scared the heck outta me!
This was one of the costume winners.

Our resident DJ, who provided the tunes, turned into
Sheriff Lawrence
Cavewoman  -  Elaine

Yep, that’s Robert….full of hot air!
Just kidding, just kidding!  Maybe….

What’s Halloween with out a pirate?  (Ron)

Jane, our very own scarecrow!
She was also a contest winner.

Now this costume was a “bust”.
She was going for the Madonna look but couldn’t find the pointy ended cups so she settled for Dixie cups.

So there’s this years Halloween costumes.

new halloween clipart image: winking jack o lantern

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