Thursday, February 6, 2014

2/1-2/6/14 February Already!

(Arizona City, AZ)

The countdown for Dianne to arrive has started.  In the meantime life goes on as usual.

We used our grill mats finally and we love them!  These are the best things since sliced bread!


Cleanup was done with a wet paper towel.

These grill mats were truly one of the best things we’ve ever bought.

I have stuff!  It’s kept in a cabinet but I can’t find anything.  Can you wonder why?

And the other two weren’t any better!


I had to get this organized!  And if not exactly organized at least neater!  I was in the Dollar General Store and saw these pretty boxes and that ol’ light bulb went off!

So while my cabinets are now a plethora of spring blooms in every color they are neat.  Organized?  They will be when I can get labels I bought filled out with what is in each box.  Right now I may know which cabinet its in but I don’t know which box.  In time….in time.

Have you ordered checks lately?  I needed to and went to our bank which a has a branch in Casa Grande.  I told them what I wanted and that I wanted them sent to the branch and not to our Texas address and that I would pick them up when they called me to tell me they were in.  Well, they arrived and I was called to let me know.  I went into the bank the other day to get them and I got quite a surprise.  I was expecting to find that oh so familiar check box and instead was handed this….flat thing!

I thought for sure a mistake had been made, but no, this is how checks come now.  Its been quite a while since I’ve had to order checks, they tell me its been six years since I ordered my last batch.  Because the box they used to come in was easily recognizable and determined to be holding blank checks and identity theft is so commonplace that a change had to be made.  So inside was a neat little folder holding my checks.  (This picture was blurred on purpose)

A lot of drinking goes on in RV parks.  Yes, yes, its true.  Happy hours are an every day occurrence and a lot of booze and wine are gone through.  That said, let it be known that us seniors do NOT fill the landfills with our empty bottles.  No indeedy!  They are made into wind chimes!


On the 6th Bob & I celebrated our 33rd anniversary.  We didn’t do anything special because Thursday’s is Bingo and Poker night.

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