Sunday, February 16, 2014

2/16/14 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

(Arizona City, AZ)

After the parade we all gathered for the opening ceremony in the Carnival Room.

Kathy W. made the opening remarks and welcomed everyone and then turned the mike over to Keith P. who was our Master of Ceremonies once again.


After his opening remarks Pastor Dale and his wife Carole took the stage to give a prayer for a safe and fun Olympic Week.

It was then time to light the Olympic Flame.  Bill T. was the torch bearer for the United States.


He passed to the torch to Canadian, Lorrain P..


Lorraine then lit the flame to signify the beginning of the games.

Keith took the podium back and explained that the Canadians wanted to bring a new sport to our Winter Olympics.  Yes, a new sport, none other than synchronized swimming!  Oh yes, they already have their team in pace even.  Keith introduced the Canadian Synchronized Swimming to us then.

Can you hear the laughter???

Our cheerleaders held that blue tarp up that you see laying on the stage above to represent water.  The next pictures are the Canadian Synchronized Swimming Team in action.  Needless to say the audience was laughing their butts off!





Bill, Bernie, Grant…..THANKS FOR A GREAT SHOW!

After the crowd settled down and stopped laughing we were asked to rise to repeat our Olympics Week Pledge.  It goes as follows:

I will be on time to all my events even if they don’t serve food or liquor.

I will not try to distract last year’s winners when they are competing. Heckling is not permitted.

I will take all of my drugs so I can compete at a par with all the other druggies.

I will not distract my fellow competitors by wearing a speedo, a bikini or spandex.

I will wear my glasses in any event that involves throwing a hard or sharp object.

I will not trip younger competitors with my cane.

I will use nothing less than a $10.00 bill to bribe coordinators or scorers.

I will not beg, bribe, or plead for special rules for the elderly and infirm.

Lastly, I will forget all the pledges I just made and ENJOY MYSELF!
After everyone calmed down once again it was declared….

The Quail Run Senior Winter Olympics is now open.


Me and our Delaware sign.

I had my first even this evening.  Ladies Pool.  Trust me, it wasn’t pretty.  I had no thoughts of even winning a medal when I left the pool hall.

Here’s a shot from one player that did very well.

And yes, she made the shot!

It’s going to be a fun week!

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