Saturday, February 22, 2014

2/22/2014 Wannadinger Party

(Arizona City, AZ)

After the Olympics' Closing Ceremony we were invited to the Bennett’s for a Wannadinger Party.  Wannadinger Party???  Yeah, we said the same thing.

We gathered on their patio waiting for everyone to arrive.

Soon, the sticks were distributed and coals were started in the grill.

At this point we still had no idea what we were going to do.

As the coals readied Frank, the Bennett’s son who is visiting, brought out a roll of Grand’s refrigerated biscuits.  He broke the cardboard seal and handed everyone a biscuit.  Betty then instructed everyone to center it on top of their stick and “work it down” about six inches down the stick.  We had to make sure we didn’t make any holes because that could cause a problem later in the process.

Once the dough was covering the stick about six inches, the sticks were held over the hot coals.

It takes about 10 minutes or so for the biscuits “to cook”.

I found the key was to keep turning the stick and to hold it well above the hot coals so as not to burn it.  Who likes burnt biscuits?

Betty had made up some Jello instant pudding in vanilla and chocolate and had cut up some peaches into small pieces.  There was also a can of whipped cream handy.

You know your biscuit is done when you hold it with a paper towel, so as not to burn yourself, and it slides off easily.  This is what the finished biscuit looks like.

Now its time to fill it.  I chose the vanilla pudding with peaches topped with whipped cream.  To. Die. For.

When the hollow biscuit is properly filled then there is nothing left to do but eat it!

Soon Tony arrived and he set to task of getting his biscuit on the stick.  Tony just had too much fun doing this.

Before we knew it the second round of biscuits was over the fire.
Did I mention that Tony brought Jello shots?   Oh yeah, and you’ll never guess who enjoyed them most!

So if you are asked to stop by for a Wannadinger Party at the Bennett’s by all means clear your calendar so that you can attend.  You’re in for a treat!

Note:  I played it smart, when I went to the store I bought two rolls of Grands biscuits and dropped them off to Betty to insure an invite to the next Wannadinger Party.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if this would work with grands cinnabon flavored biscuits! with all the sweet stuff going in cinnamon the outside would be delightful I'd think.
ann decatur