Saturday, February 15, 2014

2/13-2/15/14 She’s in Tucson! We're in Phoenix!

I check our mail and found that we had a box delivered.  We hadn’t ordered anything and weren’t expecting anything. 


I did, however, mention to Dianne that Bob and I would not be opposed whatsoever if she packed a few Tastykakes in her luggage when she came to see us.  Instead, we got this box filled with our favorites!  There’s a lot of Tastykakes in that box!

Well, Thursday came and went and there were no planes leaving Philadelphia.  Not Thursday and not Friday.  She finally got a flight for Saturday.  Saturday night.  This was going to cause a problem.  You see, we had tickets we had spent a couple of hundred dollars on for an event in Phoenix on Saturday night and she was arriving at 10:20pm in Tucson.

I asked our friends Earl and Marilyn if they would pick her up as they run a shuttle service for those in the park.  Unfortunately, they had plans in Mesa with family and couldn’t do it.  But…being the friends they are they were afraid her flight would be delayed and any other shuttle service for charge me anyway if she was late arriving, so they agreed to pick her up even if they had to cut their day short.  Good friends they are!

That was settled and life went on as usual.

We had a full moon…

Bingo was played….

And we waited.  For our friend to arrive and for our big night out in Phoenix.  But first, things had to be done.  Room in drawers and closets had to be made, grocery shopping had to be gotten out of the way, the car gassed up and we had to make signs.  Our Quail Run Winter Olympics is starting on Sunday and we need signs for the parade we’ll be in.  So Bonnie Larson and I got started on that task.

Bonnie had lots of crafts stuff to use.

I started our sign for Delaware and Bonnie started the one for New Jersey, the one Dianne will carry.  She also made her own for the state of Washington during the evening.


So where did we go?  We went to see the WWE!

Bob and I watch this every Monday night on TV and when we found that they were going to be in Phoenix we just had to go!  We bought a ticket for Dianne too but of course she isn’t going to be here to use it.

We had floor seats and were about 25 feet from the ring.  I have to say I was surprised at how small the ring actually is.  And….I was surprised at how  L A R G E the men actually are!








BA – TIS – TA!

And then the cage came down!



CE – NA,  CE – NA,  CE – NA!     MY HERO!



It was a great night!  We are so glad we went!

On the way home I called Marilyn to see if they had picked up Dianne and I was happy to hear that they had and we would see her soon!

As it turned out we arrived home about 10 minutes before Dianne arrived.  She’s here!  Let the good times start!

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