Saturday, February 22, 2014

2/22/14 Closing Ceremony for 2014 Olympics

(Arizona City, AZ)  This is the 2nd part for today, scroll to read first part.

What a great week its been!  But as usual all good things must come to an end.  After the last of the games many gathered in the Carnaval Room for lunch.

We didn’t attend the luncheon but I went in early to get a place at the front of the table so that I could be close enough to take the pictures of the medal winners on the podium.  It was the plan that I would take the pictures and post them to Quail Run RV Park’s Facebook page.

Where the medal winners will stand.

At twelve-thirty, Dianne, Bonnie and I took the seats I had saved for us and shorty thereafter the flags for the US and Canada were presented.


The first  medal awarded was for the Basketball Shoot.  One of our residents, here with his parents, took the gold.  Scotty, we are so glad you won!

I won’t post all the winners here but there were two more that we were surprised at!

Dianne took Bronze in Ladies Frisbee Throw!  We had no idea and when her name was called we were both very surprised.  Turns out she had eight points on the throw and it was enough for the Bronze Medal.


After a few more medal winners were called we were surprised once again when my own name was called.  It seemed I had earned the Silver medal for Ladies Horseshoes.  I was certain that with all that had to throw after me, remember, I was one of the first, that surely I would have been knocked out of the running for any medal at all.


The flame for the 2014 Quail Run Senior Winter Olympics was extinguished and games declared closed.

A huge thank you to all who had a part in making the Winter Olympics the huge success and as fun as it was.

First-timers, Dianne and Bonnie had a great time!

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