Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2/18/14 Horseshoes, Shuffleboard, Pokeno &Pool

(Arizona City, AZ)

Four events today!  Three for Dianne and I and one for Bob.

We started our morning at the horseshoe pits.

This is how you hold it Dianne….

I have to be honest here, horseshoes is not Di’s strong suit.  She tried hard and she did make points.

I, on the other hand, hit my stride with horseshoes today.  When I left I was holding Gold.  Of course only a half dozen women had tossed the shoes but for a short while I held GOLD!

At noon Dianne and I met with my friend Bob A for some pointers on playing shuffleboard, our next event.  I had played 40 years ago when I played in Florida while visiting my grandparents.  I couldn’t remember one single rule.  Dianne said she had played a couple of times years ago but certainly nothing anything recently.  My friend Bonnie was also there for pointers because she had never played before.

As it turned out, we all did pretty well.


Bonnie and I were partners and did very well, we took two of our three games.

It was fun, I’d do it again and Bonnie and I even talked about playing next year in the weekly game.

Evening brought events for everyone.  Bob had his pool and Di and I played Pokeno.  Pokeno is Bingo with playing cards.  Thirty players signed up for this event so we had to play 33 games of Pokeno and each game was a cover the whole card kind of game.  The one who won the most games took home the Gold and so on down the line.  Dianne didn’t win any games and I won the last one played along with seven others.  No medals for us!

Bonnie sat next to me and all she could talk about was how dirty her hands were getting since we covered the space with pennies.

Yeah, she got dirty alright!

Bob didn’t have his best night at pool playing.  No medal this year.
It was another fun day in Quail Run!

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