Monday, February 24, 2014

2/24/14 Dianne & I Visit a Monastery

(Arizona City, AZ)  (Florence, AZ)

It had been about five years since I was at the Monastery last so I was anxious to see any changes made.  Lots of construction was going on then and the orchards had just been planted.

It seems everyone who has company visit takes them to the Monastery.  So we took off for Florence.

I wish I could say our drive there went smoothly.  It didn’t.  I don’t know if MapQuest was in a bad mood when it spit out my directions but when it said I should turn left we found that I should have turned right.  It took us two frustrating hours to drive a normally hours drive.  Every turn was wrong and it didn’t help that street names had changed and no one bothered to tell MapQuest.

I can’t possibly tell you what each building is so this will mostly be a pictorial kind of post.  Long time readers have seen this pics before but you newcomers just sit right back and relax and enjoy the views.  Well, most of them.  You’ll see why I say that in a few moments.

This was a first look inside the walls where we entered.

Just across from this beautiful plaza is where we turned into what some describe as old Russian women.  Since we are  visiting a monastery we have to be covered from head to toe.  They have skirts and tops and scarves one can use.  Fashionable they are not!

Go ahead,,,,finish laughing.  I’ll wait.

So here’s what we saw today.

We went inside the church and were just taken with the woodwork!.





Now Dianne and I had the same skirt on and we met up with another woman also wearing the same color and pattern.

Bob called us when we were on our way home to remind us that we had a going away party to attend.  Our friends Bob & Karen Fisher have to leave early this season.
I’d venture to say there were 60 or 70 of us there and a great amount of finger foods.  No cooking this night!

It was a great day!

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