Wednesday, July 23, 2014

7/22-7/23/14 A Busy, Busy Two Days

(Damascus, VA)

We both slept well last night.  As nice as the accommodations are when away there is nothing like your own bed and your own pillow.

Back to work.  Bob had lots to do to get the camp sites back to his standard of them being done.  I walked right back into the routine of being in the gate house again.

I was busy once again with my lists.  A list of whom Christmas gifts were bought for, a list for the final grocery shopping for the picnic, a list of who was going on the Creeper Trail ride on Friday, a list of questions to ask on the Family Information sheets I was going to hand out and it just went on and on.

Wednesday when we completed our shifts at two we headed to Bristol for some major, major shopping.  Since we are having the picnic here at Beartree Lake and so many are traveling to get here it just made sense that we would get the paper products, the drinks, supply a good portion of the food and pick up all the things a picnic needs.

We started in Walmart and got quite a bit.  Our next stop was Olive Garden for an early dinner.  I know how we are when we shop when we’re hungry.  That couldn’t happen today!  Still in the same parking lot our next shopping site was next door at Sam’s Club.  We christened our membership with this trip.  Oh boy did we ever!  I have a list I’m trying to follow and Bob is just, well, shopping.  A new grill…. eyeglass cleaner…. bags of rice… for the picnic that isn’t on my list and that we didn’t need but I wasn’t going to say anything.  I didn’t know how we were going to get all this in the truck.  We brought coolers and ice packs for the cold stuff but that took a lot of room in the back area of the cab so quite a bit had to be packed in the open truck bed.

I still didn’t get everything I needed.  I didn’t want to buy rolls four days ahead of time and some things I should have bought in Walmart instead of holding out for Sam’s Club because Sam’s ended up not having what I needed after all.  It didn’t matter, I would be in town on Friday and would stop at the store in Damascus and pick the few final things then.  I’ll just start another list.

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