Monday, July 7, 2014

7/7/2014 A Day Off the Mountain

(Damascus & Bristol, VA)

Whew, the 4th of July weekend is behind us.  It certainly made for some long days, nine in the morning to midnight both Friday and Saturday.

Today, we had to get off the mountain, away from the campsite, away from Beartree altogether.  Hitch is starting to set in.  Already.

We didn’t get as early start as we thought because we both slept in until nearly ten o’clock.  Yep, we were tired. 

One good thing about this past weekend was the perfect weather.  Our daytime highs were in the high 70’s and our lows were in the 50’s.  Cool enough that we ran the heater both nights.

The perfect weather is carrying through until today.  We’re enjoying yet another day of no rain because tomorrow it comes back.

Bob wanted to go to Walmart to pick up some cleaning stuff he uses for the RV and some filters.  So off to Bristol we went.

Bob got everything he wanted and I picked up a few things we needed.  Somehow I managed to get out with a bill of only seventeen dollars and change.  That is truly unheard of for me. 

When we got out to the truck Bob asked if I wanted to go to Sam’s club and look around.  We’re not members but we just had one open near us in Arizona so I’m thinking a membership is definitely in our future.  We belonged to a warehouse store years ago in Delaware called BJ’s.  We kept the membership for a year or two and then let it lapse because it was just too far from home to go regularly.  So we went and looked around at things we knew we would buy on a regular basis and decided that yes, a membership would benefit us.  Since we were there we decided we might as well get the sign up procedure out of the way.  There were things we would have bought since we were there but Bob was hungry and wanted to go eat.

Dinner was had at Logan’s Steak House and it was simply delicious!  We both had the filet mignon and two small rock lobster tails.  One can never go wrong with a surf and turf dinner.

On the way home we took notice of the unpainted house in Damascus.  It’s getting a paint job!

I would love to see the inside of this house.

So we had an enjoyable day off the mountain.  We needed it.

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