Saturday, July 12, 2014

7/8-7/12/14 A Busy Week at the Campground

This has been our busiest week at the campground yet.  We expected it with it being the week after 4th of July but we were kept on our toes.

In addition to the regular workweek preparation had to made for leaving here for a week’s stay in Delaware.

In addition to that my mind is running wild with details for the upcoming family picnic/reunion happening a few days after we return.

My world has turned into a frenzy of list making.  Things to do before we leave, things to pack for our weeklong trip, lists of thing to buy when we return for our huge family day.  Menus to plan and making shopping lists for the picnic and for the us and our kids and their families to eat the rest of their time here.   I have a notebook that has picnic lists under the front cover and RV/Delaware trip lists under the back cover.  Pages!  My whole world has become this notebook right now.

We had a get together with the other camp hosts the night before we left for Delaware.  We made those delicious Wannadingers!  Everyone had a good time and they too thought they were simply delicious.


Mike enjoyed them!

Our park manager, Edie, had a set of sticks to make them but had never used them before.  I think after tonight that may change.

Oh yeah, she’s hooked!

Her pups loved them too.

Todd and Amanda, our new camp hosts.
We didn’t hang around too late as we planned to be on the road at 5:30 a.m tomorrow morning.

Delaware, here we come!

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