Monday, August 11, 2014

8/11/14 Birthday Celebration for Three

(Damascus, VA)

Within a two week period we had three camp hosts celebrate a birthday.  Today we had a surprise birthday party for all three of them.  I was one of them!

Our park manager, Edie was in California last week when she had her birthday, the week before I had the family reunion on my birthday and last Wednesday Buzz celebrated his but we were all off and everyone went their own way off the mountain.

Now I knew we were having a surprise celebration for Edie today but what a surprise it was for Buzz and I to have our own cakes cards signed by everyone too.

Ken, Edie’s other half, and after I saw the cake he ordered for me I will forever more refer to him as her lesser half, organized everything with help from Melissa.

Edie went to the bank and while she was gone Melissa, Jackie (Buzz’s wife) and Ken decorated the tents in the drive behind their motorhome which is next to the gatehouse.

There were balloons….

and dancing boys…..

Actually, look close, its raining to beat the band. Again.  It just poured!

We also had one very surprised Edie!

…and then, Buzz and I were surprised when not one, but three cakes were brought out.  One for each of us.  A sheet cake for each of us.

Now Buzz likes to fish and here’s his cake.

Edie loves carrot cake from a particular bakery in Bristol, about 30 miles away.  Like a good husband ol’ Ken made a special trip to please her.  Well let me tell you this had to be the highest round cake I’ve ever seen. Huge!  The pieces were so big.  The pieces took up an entire paper plate.  She was thrilled hers was the carrot cake.

Now mine.  Ken likes to tease me and of course I give it back as good as he gives it.  When I saw my cake I didn’t even have to ask who ordered it.

OLDER THAN DIRT???  Older than dirt Ken?  Really?  Oh Ken, you silly, silly man, you know what they say about paybacks!

Ice cream and cake for everyone!

Bob dug right in.

As did everyone else.  I think Edie was praying for the rain to stop.

That’s Buzz, the birthday guy in the forefront.

These masks were sitting on the table and soon they were being used.  Between you and me, it’s the rain.  The rain makes us behave this way.



It really takes so little to entertain us.  It’s the rain!

So it poured 90% of the day, a truly miserable day weather wise and we still had a camper come in.  A tent camper no less.  They had to be soaked by the time they got their tent up.

So it was a surprising day for sure.  A very nice and appreciated surprise.  Remember Ken, paybacks…..

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