Thursday, August 28, 2014

8/17-8/27/14 The Last Ten Days…..

(Damascus, VA)

The last ten days brought us ordinary days.  Nothing special went on or differed in any way from the norm.  At least some part of most days, with the exception of the last three, we dodged raindrops from showers or ducked from real downpours.

We made two trips off the mountain to get groceries and replenish the Pepsi and adult beverage supply.

The campground is pretty much empty.  There was one night when we had one camper.  One.  Several nights we had two or three, tops.  To say it is quiet around here is an understatement.

We are in high gear as far as packing is concerned.  I’ve already got the rubber shelf stuff in between my glass plates and bowls that I know I won’t be using between now and when we leave.  Knick knacks are all put away for traveling.

Bob hasn’t had such easy go of getting his stuff put away.  Since it rains so much everything is wet and you just can’t pack stuff away while its damp and wet.  Of course it isn’t easy to get stuff to really dry out in the shade either.  It’s a no win situation I’m afraid.

He did manage to get the front of our rig waxed which is important when one is getting ready to go cross country.  We’re going to send a ton of bugs to bug heaven but when we get to Arizona we want their flattened bodies stuck to the front of our 5th wheel to slide off easily with soap and water.  Now they will.

We did take a ride one afternoon to just outside of Abingdon to a truck stop.  Our CB radio died and because it gives up to the minute weather reports and warnings we wanted to get it replaced.  Besides, it certainly comes in handy on the road too.  On the way we took a back road that our brother in law told us about and it took us through some pretty farmland.  Lots of barns like the one below dotted the landscape.

Of course I’m a sucker for old barns.


Our time is getting short on the mountain and we are definitely counting the days.  I even have a handwritten calendar page of sorts and every night I mark another day off.  It’s the not the people we want to leave, it’s the rainy, dark and damp mountain that we no longer want any parts of. 

We both are longing for the land of hot, cold water.


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