Friday, August 15, 2014

8/15/2014 Camp Hosts Go To Dinner

(Damascus, VA)

Today we did something we should have done a long time ago.  We got together with Buzz & Jackie and Todd & Amanda and went in to Damascus for dinner.   Why we wait for the end of the season to do things like this is beyond me.

It’s a Friday night and we’re all supposed to be present in our camp loops so it had to be an early dinner.  We left the mountain at five and drove into Damascus, seven miles away.  Buzz & Jackie offered to drive us so we only drove as far as their area in the campground.

Our restaurant of choice, trust me there isn’t much to choose from, was Out In the Country.  It wasn’t until recently that we even knew a restaurant was there.   Sitting in front of the building is a smaller one which houses an ice cream and fudge shop which is always, always busy.

in the country 1_thumb

I thought the building that sat back further was a residence.  At one time it was, I’m sure.  My sister-in-law Cathy happened to mention the fish fry they have there on Friday nights and that brought the place to our attention.

So we arrived and we entered into a gift shop of sorts.  On the shelves and racks were candles, Creeper Trail T-shirts, pretty scarves, key chains and other assorted knick-knacks. 


We placed our orders for dinner.  Buzz & Jackie ordered first and they both ordered the fish fry platters.   Next was Todd & Amanda and they ordered a fish fry platter and a shrimp basket.  We all ordered individually because we were all paying for our own dinners.  Bob wanted the fish fry and since I don't eat fish I ordered something else.  Long time readers....what did I order???  Yeppers!  A hamburger!  Actually, I got a bacon cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato.
We got our self serve drinks and made our way to our dining room which was probably somebody’s bedroom back in the day.

in the country  5_thumb

We didn’t have to wait too long and the food started arriving.  Well, Buzz & Jackie’s arrived.  We encouraged them to start, not to wait for us so it didn’t get cold.  About 6 minutes later Todd and Amanda’s dinners arrived and ours came 6 or 7 minutes after theirs.  Obviously the kitchen can only work on one order at a time.

Bob was not impressed at all with the fish fry dinner.  He found the fish to have no flavor and he thought the fries were bland.  On the other hand I thought the fries were tasty and my burger was pretty good.  Of course it had bacon on it, how bad it could it be?  Todd and Amanda thought it was the best food they had in Damascus so far .  Believe me, this is not high praise.  They’ve had dinner in two other establishments and their reaction to those dinners was BLLEEECCCHHHH!  That means road kill would have been better.  Buzz & Jackie thought their dinner was okay. Between you and me, we won’t go back there.  I would for a burger but Bob isn’t interested at all.

There is another restaurant in town and it sits right on the water.  I checked the menu out online and I have no desire to go there.  I think they are charging outrageous prices.  Shallow river view or not.  I think $28.00 for a crab cake is too much.

We’ve only got 14 more days here anyway.  I can cook for 14 more days without going out for dinner.  I am craving a pizza though.

So dinner was, well, so-so but the company couldn’t be beat!

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