Friday, August 8, 2014

8/7-8/8/2014 Back to the Salt Mine

(Damascus, VA)

Today I made reservations at a very small RV park in Damascus for the day we leave here.  We’ll spend 3 days there to give Bob a chance to check out all of our systems to make sure everything is ready for our long trek west.  At the same time I’ll give the inside a thorough fall cleaning if you will.

I’ve been working on a Shutterfly photo book of the weekend our kids and grandkids were here.  With the pictures I took, the ones Brandi and Shannon took and all the pictures taken by everybody during our reunion that are now posted on Facebook, I have tons and tons of pictures to sort through and edit to make the book the best I can.  I can’t imagine what its going to take to do the reunion photo book.

On Friday the rain starts.  Our weather forecast says rain for the next week.  Eighty percent chance which means a one hundred and ten percent chance of rain in Beartree Campground.  I am now ready to start wishing my life away.  I want to wish the next twenty days GONE!  We are so sick of rain!!!!  It’s no wonder we’re at each others throats right now.  Rain and shade, shade and rain,,,,Bob says he doesn’t care if he ever sees a tree again.  WE CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!  ENOUGH ALREADY!  Whew, I needed to get that out.

When we got here bob had a fairly new pair of leather work gloves.  To give you an idea of how hard he works here I took a picture of one today.


I took a good look at Bob today.  I asked him he felt ok.  He replied, “Yeah, why do you ask?”  I told him he looked so pale.  I’ve told you we have no tans, not even farmer tans, and Bob truly looks sickly.  He told me to go look in the mirror.  I sure didn’t need to hear that!  Its true though, we are so pale.  I talked to my friend in Arizona recently and she told me was brown as a berry.  I told her to shut up.

C’mon September 1st!


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