Thursday, August 28, 2014

8/28/2014 Blue Blaze Restaurant

(Damascus, VA)

We went out to dinner in Damascus.  What a disaster that was.  A restaurant called Blue Blaze Cafe recently underwent a transformation so we decided to go in and try it.  It was a pizza, burger, breakfast, small town restaurant kind of place.  Now its half that and half seafood restaurant.    We opted for seating on the seafood side since Bob would surely be having that.  Now you can easily walk from one side of the restaurant to the other because there is a wall separating the seafood side from pizza/burger side but it is open at the back end of the place because the salad bar is on the pizza side.
Soooo,,,,,I knew I didn’t want the pizza because others have eaten there and said the pizza, well, in a word, sucks.  The words grease and bland pizza crust come to mind.  I was going to have, you guessed it, a hamburger.  Our waitress informed us that I would have to go to the other side to order it, that she couldn’t order it for me.   I asked her if this restaurant was owned by the same person and was there only one kitchen.  I got an affirmative answer to both questions.  Well, alrighty then!

I went to the other side, placed my order and found that I had to pay for it right then and there and that when it was ready they would call me to come get it.  What???

I wasn’t getting warm and fuzzies here let me tell you.

Bob’s dinner arrived and we knew it wasn’t good when he put his fork into his fried fish filet to cut it and half of it went flying across the table because the crust was so hard.  Oh this wasn’t going to be good.

My burger was ready and it was in fact delivered by the counter person much to my surprise.  I wish they kept it.  To me a soggy hamburger roll just doesn’t cut it.  It was a frozen patty and not freshly made.  I asked for lettuce, tomato and onion on it and they all seemed fairly fresh.

Our fries were bland and I have to say this is the first time I ever had fries delivered to my table that were already peppered.  What if I didn’t want pepper on my fries?  As a rule, I don’t add pepper myself.

Now the wait staff was attentive.  Too attentive.  There were three people who were constantly at our table asking if everything was ok, did we want more drinks or was there anything else we wanted.  It was to the point of being ridiculous.

So readers, if you are ever in Damascus, Virginia I cannot recommend Blue Blaze Café.  Keep driving.

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