Wednesday, August 6, 2014

8/5–8/6/2014 A New Bathtub for Cathy

(Laurel Bloomery, TN)

This morning I packed a bag for us, before we left the house, in case we don’t come home tonight.

We took off for Bob’s sister’s home in Tennessee.  Cathy and her husband Sonny have a new tub and surround to put in.  Since Cathy just doesn’t have the strength or stamina to be of much help right now they asked Bob to give a hand.

It was a pleasant surprise for Bob to find that Sonny had taken the old surround and tub out the day before.  That will save a ton of time.

The men got right to work and Cathy and I sat down for a nice chat.  Since we’ve been here we really haven’t had much one on one time and I was glad to have to this chance to spend the day and talk with her.

The bathroom job went fairly well but it didn’t get done completely so we stayed overnight.  We had a delicious dinner which included fresh out of the garden veggies which made our tummies very happy.

We spent an enjoyable evening talking and watching TV.

Wednesday morning I spent a few minutes on their small front porch and looked at the view.  As much as I don’t want to be here in the fall I would love to see this when the color change.


Wednesday brought a finish to the job for the guys and Cathy and I went to town, with town being Mountain City.  Don’t let the word city fool you.  The old part of the city, where the stores and offices are, has the street parking where you pull in on an angle.  Think Mayberry.  Now, there is a new highway which has McDonald’s, Burger King, a Dollar Store and a Food Lion.  Many newer buildings and businesses, but if the truth be told, I find the old time buildings and what are now antique stores, much more charming.

By three we were on our way home with a side trip to the store to pick up a few things.

It may have been a working weekend for Bob but Cathy and I spent a most enjoyable two days.


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