Friday, May 15, 2015

5/15/15 A Closer Look at Juniper Ridge

(Show Low, AZ)
There is the Grand Lodge where dances, dinners, shows, bingo, line dancing, church and Monday morning coffee takes place among other things.


The Grand Lodge seats 372 comfortably on padded folding chairs.  There is a large stage with velvet curtains and professional lighting.  If tables are needed there are 65 rectangular tables and round tables big enough to seat 8 comfortably.

Off to one side of Grand Lodge is a very nice sitting area.  The stone you see in the left hand side of the picture below is the hearth to a very large fireplace.


On the other side of the Grand Lodge is fully equipped stainless steel kitchen with restaurant type ovens,  freezers, dishwasher and a pantry to die for.
Another building is the Activities Building where we work out of.  There are 3 offices in this building, a copy center where the newsletters, flyers  and tickets get printed, a conference room, a small lunch room and a common area behind the desk.

The conference room…

This building also a nice a sitting area with fireplace.


The next building would be the Game Building.

This is the pool room.  It has 6 pool tables and 2 billiards tables.


This is one of card or game rooms.  Bunco, Mahjong and cards games are played in here.


On the the side of the building is another card room.  Some serious Ponytail Canasta is played everyday in this room and Pegs and Jokers also.

Its especially nice for the Texas Hold ‘Em players to have the tables.

This is the Juniper Ridge Library.

The next building is home to the Laundromat for one thing.  I hear this room will get real busy but since very few are here right now doing laundry is a breeze.  Twenty machines to wash and dry with.  $1.25 to wash and $1.00 to dry.

There is also a beauty parlor in this building but I don’t have a picture of that.

There is also a Computer Lab.


There are two gyms also in the this building.  The cardio side…..


…..and then there is the weight side.  There is machines in the this room that you can’t see in this picture.

There are men’s and women’s bathrooms that are large and outfitted with showers, lockers and a couple of other things that I’m just loving!


There is a sauna for our use.

….and a steam room.

The next building is the craft building.  There’s a pottery room, a lapidary room,  a, silversmith room, an art room and a room where decorations are made for different occasions around the park.  I haven’t been in any of the rooms as yet because the residents who run the crafts aren’t here yet so everything is locked up tight.

I did get this “totem pole” picture of pottery things the residents made.

The last building is the golf pro shop.  Juniper Ridge has its own executive golf course.

That’s it for the buildings, next post, more outside stuff.

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