Friday, May 29, 2015

5/29/15 Another Workday For Us

(Show Low, AZ)

Another workday.  We’re not complaining, it gives us something to do.

After the last line dancing class today we went in to set up the tables and chairs for a board meeting and when that was over we set up for Monday Morning Coffee since there wasn’t any activities planned for the Grand Lodge this weekend.

Line dancing.  Line dancing takes place three times a week for three hours.  The first class is for advanced dancers, the second for intermediate and the last for beginners.  So that’s nine hours of line dancing per week and one teacher!  I went to one class and made it halfway through a beginners class.  The music was some I had never heard before, I’m calling 1940’s music but I'm not positive about that because I had never heard any of the songs before.  The dances were not line dancing like I’ve ever seen before either.  Its not for me and that's ok, its what they do here and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  I was really disappointed to because I was looking forward to dancing this summer.

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