Saturday, May 16, 2015

5/16/15 Finishing the Tour of Juniper Ridge

(Show Low, AZ)

Here’s the last of the tour of where we are spending our summer.  These are the outdoor games.

In addition to the huge swimming pool and hot tub we have tennis courts, which unfortunately were being worked on the day I was taking pictures.  Besides, you all know what tennis courts look like and there isn’t anything extraordinary about these.

There is also a pickle ball court.

Bocce ball courts.  I’m determined to learn how to play this, this summer.

Shuffleboard courts get a lot of use here I hear.  They are so incredibly smooth that you can actually see a sheen on the courts in the picture.

The Horseshoe Pits, just not a very good picture.  That’s the golf pro shop in the background and the golf course to the left.


We had to work again today.  Today we set up tables and chairs for 120 in the Grand Lodge.  Every Monday morning there is Monday Morning Coffee.  This is where the residents learn of anything that is going to happen for the coming week.  Usually a local business or two will sponsor this by buying the donuts.  Before and after this morning meeting the “ticket sellers” sell tickets for upcoming events.  During the meeting happenings outside the park in the surrounding area are announced.  I think this is a very nice feature of the meeting.  As residents who lead different activities arrive they will be given a chance to tell the crowd when the starting dates will be and any other information given that they may have about their activity.

To give you an idea of how much volunteers are needed and used and appreciated here, last year there was an appreciation dinner for 178 volunteers!

Every week we’ll be setting up for our Monday Morning Coffee and every week for the next few we’ll be adding another row of tables and chairs.

Today I found out that the third couple we are expecting on the 19th have decided not to come after all.  This is going to cause a big problem.  Four people can’t keep up with all that goes on here and only work 10 hours a week.  I volunteered to run ads online to find another couple who wants to be in this area and is still looking for a summer gig.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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