Sunday, May 10, 2015

5/9–5/10/15 Back to Quail Run

(Show Low to Arizona City, AZ and back again)

Well, we’re heading back to Quail Run.  Just for a day or two, long enough to rent a trailer and pack up our golf cart.  Juniper Ridge is definitely a golf cart community.  From the gate to the furthest back road of the park is one mile.  Yep, we need it with us.

We called around to rent this trailer and was surprised at the difference in price between U-Haul lots in the same town.  Our first choice was to rent from the U-Haul in Arizona City.  He had a trailer in the size we needed but he wasn’t open on Saturday’s.  Then we called a large rental lot in Casa Grande.  They wanted $64 and change.  We made another call to a smaller rental lot in Casa Grande and found the trailer we needed for $28 and change, not including tax.  It just didn’t make sense to us that there could be such a difference in price for renting the exact same thing from two different rental lots.  Wanna guess which one we went with?

So we got on the road early for the 3 hour + trip back to Quail Run.  This was a trip I wasn’t suppose to be making at all.  Mike, our Quail Run neighbor, will be arriving in Show Low today and he volunteered to drive back with Bob to get the cart.  But….we wanted to get the electric turned off at the park model and we couldn’t do that until we picked it up in case the battery needed charging on he golf cart.

Even though the roads are twist-y and turn-y and make me want to toss my cookies, the scenery is nice.


We arrived just before noon at the U-Haul place.  The fellow there was very friendly and fixed us up with the trailer we wanted in no time flat.

As soon as we got to Quail Run Bob got the golf cart trailer-ed because we thought we might head back right away.

By the time it was secure inside the trailer and Bob was assured this thing was not going to move even an inch, we decided that it was too late to head back so we ended up staying over night.  That worked for me because I got to visit with friends who were still in the park.

Sunday morning we were up and out and on the road.

I’d like to say the trip was without incident but I can’t.  We kept hearing this terrible noise and couldn’t figure out where it was coming from.  Sometimes it sounded like it was coming from the engine and other times like it was coming from the back of the truck.  The further we went the worse it got.  It made for a very long trip!

Here’s what we saw on the way.

Do you see the road we’re traveling?







We made it home safely but we definitely have something wrong with the truck.  All I can see is dollar signs.

We got home in plenty of time for me to call my mom for Mother's Day.  Shortly after I got off the phone our boys called me.  Life is good!

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Allison said...

We just made that drive to Show Low last week in a Class A. It's a beautiful view, but the curves, the hills, the up, the down just wore me out. Hope the truck is not too expensive.